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Make Magic With Words

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Catch Up on Blog Posts

03/15/22      A New Direction

02/12/22      Shepherd

02/07/22      New Year-New Focus

11/15/21       Gratitude (Peppermint Chiffon Pie!)

11/8/21         Let's make EVERY child a reader

11/01/21        The family that reads together...

10/25/21      Are you missing in-person events?

10/18/21       Run Away Home?

10/11/21        Word Clouds and Mental Health

10/04/21      Are you an A.U.T.H.O.R.?

09/27/21    I LOVE Fall (Pumpkin Cinnamon Pull-apart Loaf)

09/20/21      Story Boards, Book Dummies & Page Breaks

09/13/21       Picture book Construction??

09/06/21      Labor Day Memories

08/30/21      Authors Make Good Friends (Waffled Macaroni & Cheese)

08/23/21       Wishing for Author Visits

08/16/21      Authors Study Too

08/09/21      Punctuation & Grammar-Ugh!

08/02/21      I Love to Walk

07/26/21      Sketches and Comments (Brownie No-Churn Ice Cream)

07/19/21    Illustration Notes-Yes or No?

07/12/21      A Rewrite for the Illustrator

07/05/21      Make Room for the Illustrator

06/28/21      Waffles Anytime! (Pumpkin Waffles)

06/21/21      The Impact of Fathers

06/14/21       The Writer's Notebook

06/07/21       Will You be my Pen Pal? 

05/29/21      Travels (Chocolate Chip Apple Cake)

05/24/21      A Little Love for Teachers

05/17/21       Better Speech & Hearing Month

05/10/21       Get Caught Reading

05/03/21      Screen-Free??

04/26/21       Peanut Butter & Jelly (PB & J Cheesecake)

04/19/21       No Adults Allowed

04/12/21      Books to Make You Smile

04/05/21      Thank a Librarian

03/22/21      Self-promotion

03/08/21      Words Matter

03/07/21      Every Word Counts

03/02/21      Speaking of Brains (Butterscotch Bars)

02/22/21      Long Time No Blog (Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls)