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Jackson's Noisy Nighttime Guests

When a mole named Jackson moves into his new underground home, he is surprised to discover he is not alone...
A howling attic ghost, a noisy basement boogeyman, and a clinking piano pixie live there too!

Exhausted from unpacking all day, Jackson is kept awake all night by-
 the eerie OO-EEEeee OO- EEEeee OO-ing,
    the bothersome BOOGETY WOOGETY WOO-ing,
      and the ceaseless TAP TAP PLUNK-ing.

Now Jackson is SO tired-
 he pours orange juice on his cereal,
    puts ketchup on his toast,
     and he washes his face with toothpaste and brushes his teeth with soap.

Jackson sends polite notes asking the noisemakers to keep it down. They reply respectfully, but ask: what else are we supposed to do at night?

If Jackson is ever going to get some sleep, he must find the perfect activities to keep each of his nighttime guests entertained.

A cozy bedtime story with a creative problem-solving twist, Jackson’s Noisy Nighttime Guests will put kids — and their fears — to rest.

Hardcover, 32 color pages, ages 4-8
illustrator and pub date to be announced

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