Selected Works

Soft soothing artwork accompanies a quiet story about a young boy trying to overcome the terrors of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in his daily life.
Picture book
Useful in most libraries and critical at schools where there are children struggling with TS (Tourette syndrome).

Upcoming books

No More Noisy Nights & The Day I Ran Away
Coming from Flashlight Press 2017

No More Noisy Nights
Illustrated by Guy Wolek

When a mole named Jackson moves into his new underground
home, he is surprised to discover he’s not alone. An attic ghost,
a basement boogey monster, and a piano pixie live there too!

If Jackson is ever going to get some sleep, he must find the perfect
activity to keep ‘each of his nighttime guests’ quietly entertained.

This funny little bedtime story with a creative problem-solving
twist, will put kids — and their fears — to rest.

The Day I Ran Away
Illustrated by Isabella Ongaro

While Dad tucks her in, a little girl calmly and playfully recounts her day spent with Mom. Contrary to her tone, the humorous illustrations reveal that it was a tumultuous day – she had a tantrum, was banished, and ran away.

A spirited yet soothing story for all kids (and adults) who've felt like running away, and a sweet reminder that home is where the hugs (and cookies) are.